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Why Is Box Hair Dye Bad?

Updated: Feb 5

Imagine this, you're in the supermarket and walk down the hair and beauty aisle. You stop by the box dyes and consider your hair as a different color. Two words..... WALK AWAY!

Box hair dyes are supposed to be a convenient way to change your color. What people don't realize is that they cause more damage than they're worth. They can have seriously damaging effects on your hair and this is why.

1) They are so unpredictable - do you really think the celebrities that advertise the color on behalf of the company actually used the product on their heads? If you do, take those rose-tinted glasses off girlfriend because that is NOT the case. Most people buying the home colors don't know about the 'laws of coloring' and how the color wheel works. This is why we as stylists go through years of schooling to learn this. You could end up picking a color you think will look good but because of your natural tones and highlights, the color comes out completely different and could be something that cannot be easily reversed. Most box dyes are formulated with the maximum amount of ammonia and pigments to be generically available to suit 'most hair types' and unfortunately, it doesn't work like that.

2) Lightening your hair at home could cause some serious irreversible damage. They use higher developers to those your stylist would use as well as not knowing where or how to apply the product. It's all well and good reading the instructions or looking at a YouTube video, but in reality, you could end up going from a dark brown to a lovely shade of orange because these products are designed with one hair type in mind.

3) For something that doesn't cost a lot of money and seems like a good idea at the time, it can sure as hell give your stylist problems. In other words, something that costs $10 from the supermarket could end up costing you $300+ once you have realized what a big mistake you have made. Uneven color, stringy/cotton candy-like hair, color going too dark or even green! Do you really want to run that risk? I wouldn't and neither will your pockets. Buy a good box of chocolates with that $10 and speak to your stylist because as Forrest Gump once said 'life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get'. (Change the word life to hair dye and your on to a winner haha!)

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