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Updated: Jan 31

There was once a time when picking the right heat tool was as simple as choosing between tongs and straighteners; nowadays, the competition in this market is FIERCE! With what I do for a living, especially as wedding season approaches, I like to make sure my heat styling tools are on point, easy to use and reliable; there's that magic word, RELIABLE!

Unfortunately due to competition, smaller companies have been cashing in on the current economic climate and producing styling tools cheaply and therefore damaging hair after promising you the world all for under twenty bucks! Honey, if something looks and sounds like it's too good to be true, it usually is!

So which path is best to take? Do you go for ceramic plates in a straightener or what about a titanium plate? How about a wand or a set of tongs? The choice is pretty endless and also can be expensive if you buy the wrong one. I've sampled my fair share of heat styling tools over the last two decades and I've found my perfect tool that when used correctly, is an all-round, versatile piece of equipment.

My review is all about the one and only Corioliss C3 Titanium Straighteners. My lifeline for straightening, curling and making hair look beautiful!

Corioliss has been around since 2002 and has been known for its non-conventional brand, priding themselves on being an independently owned company. Used by professionals worldwide, I won't buy straighteners from any other brand and here's why.

I used to use a ceramic straightener and I thought it was fab. It made my client's hair look really shiny and smooth but the downside was twofold; the first problem I endured was I couldn't really curl the hair using them. If I had a client that needed curls I would opt for my curling iron to do the job. The plates didn't get hot enough to either produce and/or hold the curl. My second issue was for the number of times I used the straighteners (it was a lot a might add) the plates would get little nicks in them, which would then snag the hair and leaving it looking less than perfect. It would take me longer than usual to do a client because I would be forever going over sections of my work.

Enter the Titanium Smooth Plate Technology!

When I say wow these straighteners changed my life I mean, WOW did they?! Not only did they cut down so much time when doing clients, but they worked better than anything I had ever seen before. They glide over the hair like a warm knife through butter. Leaving hair feeling silky, looking shiny and healthy not to mention the fact that the risk of damage is minimal. That's my favorite part. Corioliss take hair safety into consideration when making one of their styling tools. With that, in just one pass through on the hair, the hair will stay in place (either curl or straight) without having to go over the same section again. Less heat, less damage.

They have extra long, titanium floating plates and far-infrared technology which allows for cuticle protection, preventing dryness and frizz as well as locking in moisture. There is ultimately less friction because the titanium plates retain more heat. This provides for healthier-looking hairstyles making Corioliss tools safer to use than your usual ceramic heat tool.

They heat up very quickly, something like 20 seconds and get up to temperatures between 275°F to 455°F, with adjustable settings on the straighteners. What is even more amazing is the Corioliss C3 Straightners have a safety sleep mode which becomes active after they've been on for 30 minutes. How fantastic is that? The amount of horror stories you hear of people leaving their heat styling tools on and forgetting about them is shocking. So many fires are started because of this and was one of the reasons I chose Corioliss to be my next favorite. They are thinking of everything and I think a lot of the other brands out there should follow suit.

I love these straighteners; I think I've made that pretty clear but I do. Wedding season, in particular, would be a nightmare for me if I hadn't bought these. They're easy to use for straightening and curling; styling and pruning; but best of all, I've had mine for the best part of 5 years and they still look and behave like they're brand spanking new! Even on my hair which used to take about an hour to straighten, takes me about 20 minutes now. Oh, and they are extremely RELIABLE! I love them!

Anyway, I think I have given you enough of a reason to go make them your new favorite tool. Try them for yourselves, you won't be disappointed. Mine is a cute black and white paisley, but they come in an array of colors. So, because of all this, I would have to give them a huge 10/10. Go find your tool!

Always remember when using any heat styling tool to use a good heat protecting product. These may minimalize the damage, but you still need to do your part.

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