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Moroccanoil was founded a decade ago and one of its co-founders, Carmen Tal, was the reason this amazing product exists. She had a routine color at a salon which was not her regular place and was miles away from where she lived. It went very wrong and off the back of this, went in search of something which would help nourish, repair and bring it back to its original healthy state. She travelled for a while and discovered the Moroccanoil Treatment; her hair was transformed from dry, damaged locks, to shiny and manageable smooth hair. And with that, she wanted to tell the world about the magical argan oil treatment she had the pleasure of experiencing. Suitable for all hair types, Moroccanoil has become the foundation for millions all over the world. It was a pioneering product for the hair and beauty industry, which has now grown to provide a full range of products for body and hair that use their signature argan oil which nourishes and is rich in anti-oxidants. As well as this, in their 10 years of providing this fabulous product to us gals with frizzy, unmanageable hair, they have won 15 awards within the hair and beauty industry; including the Elle Beauty Award and InStyle Best Hair Oil, 2 years running. How amazing is it knowing you could be using a product that not only brought argan oil into our hair world but has cared enough to continue making products to create a better quality of life for our hair and body.

Moroccanoil is versatile in that it can be used as a styling and finishing product, but can also be used in conditioning by adding a few drops to intensify any deep conditioning masks. As hair oils go, it is quite thick, so a little goes a long way and should be used sparingly to avoid making hair greasy. It has been known to speed up blow-drying times and helps with detangling the most unmanageable hair (I know this from firsthand experience). Moroccanoil plays with your senses, sending you to a beach-side resort in an exotic paradise to having a relaxing spa day through its powerful signature scent which has become iconic. I can certainly vouch for this. It really does feel spa-like when I use this on my clients and even myself, making blow-drying a more enjoyable experience. I personally adore this oil, not only for all of its benefits but because it was founded in Israel, where I live. Very proud of that I must say, especially when you consider that it was a pioneering product for this industry. Try it for yourself. It is simply marvellous and there's plenty of reason to shout to the rooftops about it.

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