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Nioxin - "Scalp Health Creates Hair Health"

Hair loss; those 2 little words that when spoken out loud creates all kinds of panic and anxiety. There are no actual generic reasons why hair loss happens and where it stems from. Each person is different. It could be a hormonal issue, it could be chemical (due to damage from chemical treatments), it could be stress, change of diet, even genetic and the list continues.

So where do you start when treating the problem? Speaking to a doctor is a great start. Not only will it eliminate some unwanted stress which in turn can cause hair loss (vicious cycle) but it will also enable you to look at different channels to help manage it.

One way is changing your shampooing system to a product adapted to your kind of hair. One product I highly recommend to my clients is Nioxin. Nioxin is a fantastic product specifically designed and formulated for hair loss and hair thinning. It comes in 6 different strengths and combines that with different hair types.

I'm reviewing Nioxin 3 Part System 1. This is for natural hair with light thinning. It's designed to protect hair from future breakage and boosts hair texture. It strengthens hair from the shaft encouraging strength which in turn avoids further breakage. Nioxin will help remove follicle-clogging and will leave your scalp feeling refreshed.

After turning quite a few of my clients to Nioxin, I personally give this 5 out 5 for doing exactly what it says on the tin. I have a client who suffers from Alopecia; it caused her so much stress and depression. She had tried so many different home remedies, prescribed medication and whatever voodoo she could think of and so I suggested Nioxin. Well, she had tried everything else! Anyway, she used it and after a few months, not only noticed a change in the texture of her hair, but there was regrowth in the patches where she had lost it completely. I mean that is unbelievable right? Try for yourself to find out!

Please note Nioxin is only a recommendation based on my client's feedback and feedback from research I have conducted in the past. I am not a doctor and this product may not be for everyone. Always seek a professionals opinion before using any hair thickening product.

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