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Updated: Mar 9

Imagine a world where life was simple. Where we could wake up every morning, shower, get dressed and our hair and skin looked amazing without any kind of pruning... Haha not everyone can be Meghan Markle, can we? But what about a way to make life easier when it comes to our hair?

I personally, first heard about the Brazilian Blow Dry when I was working in my hometown's local salon. We had a representative come and she started to tell us this was 'the next BIG craze'; well she wasn't wrong. It was the start of a trend of products designed to rid clients of frizz and reduce blow drying times by half. It sounded too good to be true, however, it really did and does work!

As with everything in the hairdressing world, you need to be taught new techniques, in person, preferably with an educator and a model. We arranged for a specific client to come in with hair to her tooshy and frizz where you can't tell where the curl started or where the frizz began. Combine that with the amount of hair she had and you have yourself the perfect candidate to test drive this product.  

To say I was in shock was an understatement, but the results were breathtaking and totally worth it. The only downside was she wasn't able to tuck her hair behind her ear, wear sunglasses on her head, tie it up or get it wet; not even from a drop of rain. If she did she would need to use extremely hot flat irons to stop it from frizzing up and curling. This was only for 48 hours after the treatment, but I  can't imagine how much of a pain it would have been. In the end, she loved the end result and it grew out just like color or highlights, with the roots needing a touch-up a few months later.

As with any kind of treatment you receive from your hairstylist, she was advised of which aftercare products to use and given a shampoo and conditioner specifically suited to the Brazilian Blow Dry.

So why am I taking you on a trip down memory lane? Well other than making myself sound super old, I am always asked which treatments are best to combat that ancient art of de-frizzing. Whether you like to admit it or not, we have all been a victim of frizzy hair at one point or another. It could be something that happens while on holiday or like me, is a constant daily battle.

There are 2 main types of anti-frizz treatments on the market and both are similar to each other which is why people have a very common misconception of them due to what they do. One contains chemicals and grows out, the other is chemical-free and washes out; but both require the use of specific shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Other than the ingredients, they are near enough the same thing as comparing Sprite to 7up.

The Brazilian Blow Dry

I mentioned above in my 'nostalgic moment' about my first ever client using this product, (and bearing in mind this was a good 10 or 11 years ago) the Brazilian Blow Dry is extremely effective at reducing the frizz in your hair. In actual fact, the client in question actually said to me her hair felt lighter on her head. It didn't feel as weighed down as it used to when she washed it and even then, the time it took her to wash it was halved. 11 years ago when this was new, it totally blew my mind.

The Brazilian Blow Dry grows out because it is a chemical treatment. It is also great in leaving hair feeling smooth and soft as well as in a better condition. Brazilian Blow Dries leave the hair with its natural wave or curl still visible along with its natural texture. This is why my client felt as though her hair was lighter and easier to manage. Her natural hair, when you take away the elements that cause frizz, would have been this way. I have seen it change people's lives with respect to having more time on their hands. No one wants to get up at the crack of dawn to wash and blow-dry their hair. Life is busy and precious so don't waste it; if you decide the Brazilian Blow Dry is for you, speak with your stylist about which brand they use. Because it does use chemicals, remember to get any colorwork done AFTER you have had the treatment because it strips color. I have seen this with my own eyes. It is always best to allow a good 2 weeks before having another chemical process like a color done to avoid any long-lasting damage and as with any chemical process, there can be an element of strain on the hair.

Research it and read reviews. And always ask for a patch test, especially when using this treatment as it is a chemical process.

The Keratin Treatment

Keratin is a protein that is found in the body; in our nails, skin and our hair. But the environment we live in causes this protein to escape our body, so to speak. Pollution, water harshness and intense heat all play their role in allowing the keratin to escape and when it comes to our hair, it is part of the reason for ghastly frizz!

There are so many keratin treatments to choose from as well as countless shampoos and conditioners that now contain keratin to put it back in. Deciding to take on a keratin treatment is all down to how you manage the frizz you have.

Some of my clientele have opted for changing their shampooing regime. They are starting to use shampoos that contain keratin but are also free from sulfates. I would recommend trying this first and seeing if your able to maintain your hair in this way before having to shell out for a reasonably expensive, lengthy treatment. Unfortunately, due to the Brazilian Blow Dry being a chemical process, there is nothing available on the market to try at home. It is vital Brazilian's and Keratin Treatments are done in a controlled, salon environment. Doing either of these yourself at home could have dier results.

If changing your shampoo doesn't work for you, speak to your hairstylist about which Keratin Treatments they have available. Again, like with most things that will be new to you, do your research. Not all Keratin Treatments are formaldehyde and chemical-free, even if they say they are. As keratin is a protein, thus making it heavier, it will take away most or all of the curls in a head of hair as well as the hair losing volume and frizz. The end result is smoother than a Brazilian Blow Dry because it uses lower amounts of silicones and harsh chemicals which can also make the hair heavy, but at the same time can clog the scalp. Aftercare for a Keratin Treatment is the same as a Brazilian in that all shampoos, conditioners and styling products must be sulfate-free.

This treatment washes out and probably needs to be done more frequently than a Brazilian Blow Dry. The end result shows it to have a deep-conditioning effect with luster and shine. The same rules apply though; no glasses on the top of the head, not one drop of water to touch a single hair (I know all sounds very dramatic) and no tucking behind the ears. This is only for 24 hours so not as long as the Brazilian and you are able to treat your hair as you normally would thereafter. Another good thing about the Keratin Treatment is that because it doesn't contain the harsh chemicals that a Brazilian Blow Dry does, you are safe to have a color, for example, a few days before without worrying about the color being stripped out due to the treatment and shortly afterward as well.

All in all, both treatments are fabulous and all depend on the person which they choose to go for. Personally, I love my curls and waves so I would be devastated if they weren't there anymore as I am used to seeing them, so I would opt for the Brazilian Blow Dry, but that's just me.

It's sometimes a hard decision to make; both can contain formaldehyde and other chemicals, therefore, my advice is always to speak to a professional and see which brands and treatments they have on offer.  Just like when you want to change shampoos, you need to find the right one suited to your hair as each can yield different results. And don't worry, if you don't want stick straight hair then either one of these is good for you as neither would do that; on the other hand, if stick straight hair is something you want, then that's a WHOLE different kind of chemical treatment and conversation altogether!

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