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Healthy Hair vs Split Ends.

Updated: Mar 9

Split ends pop up at the worst times and you try with all your might to get them down and looking healthy, but nothing works?! Here are a few things to try to get those nasty splits away to reveal beautiful healthy hair.

1) Do you wash your hair every day? Chances are, if you do, you’re washing a lot of the natural oils out of your hair which will make your hair dry. Shampoos are known to do this, so try washing your hair less frequently. When you do though, let the shampoo and conditioner wash away without you touching it. It can make tangles and knots which, in turn, will cause split ends.

2) Wearing your hair up every day in the same style can put pressure on the area where it's being put up. We all do it. We have great intentions with thinking we can get up early and blow-dry our hair to look fabulous but, in reality, we don't have time and the dreaded hair-tie comes out. Switch to a non-snagging hair-tie and change up where you tie up! Simple.

3) DO NOT go outside in the cold weather with wet hair! I'm going to sound like your mother here but, in actual fact, she was right. Aside from actually making you sick, you can end up causing breakage. Remember to always use combs on wet hair, NEVER A BRUSH!!! (Unless it's a detangling wet brush) And comb from the bottom upwards to avoid tangling the ends causing it to split.

4) Avoid too much heat. If you’re a hot-tool addict, try to reduce the number of times you use them each week. Let hair breathe. Too much heat will kill the proteins in your hair. Make sure you’re using a great heat protect (check out my reviews to try some great products) and make sure your hair is bone dry when using flat irons. And lastly...

5) Get regular trims. It is so, so, SO important to keep the condition of your hair up to date. By having a ½” off every 8-12 weeks can dramatically change the condition of your hair. I know, I know: you're told this all the time from your hairdresser but, if you compare someone who has their hair cut every 8 weeks to someone who has it cut every 6 months, there is a huge difference.

Hair is living. Let it breathe. Feed it. Respect it. Then you'll have nice, luscious, healthy-looking hair!

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